When you need software that is truly tailor-made for you, we can offer you a wide range of customized solutions. Our programs are designed as Web Application, in client/server mode. This means that the program is installed on a single machine and users can access it from any location via a browser. In this way, maintenance and updating costs are reduced, which must be carried out only on the server, and access to the program is simplified, even on the move.

What can we do for you

We specialize in the design and implementation of various types of applications:

  • customer and sales management (CRM)
  • management of documents and quotes
  • planning of activities and shared calendars
  • project management and work progress management software
  • management systems for mechanical workshops
  • management systems for car rentals
  • management systems for architects and surveyors

We are able to integrate our projects with third party software and databases. The languages we use are PHP and Java, our favorite frameworks are Symfony, Laravel and Codeigniter. The databases we rely on are MySql and MS SQL. For the frontend of applications we rely on Bootstrap, Foundation, Jquery, ChartJS.

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