Currently many users spend most of their time on social media, to keep in touch with friends, inquire, play, find events or activities nearby. It is therefore very important for companies and professionals be present on social networks, to be able to reach even this slice of potential customers.

How can social media help me?

  • establish direct contact with your customers, thanks to comments and chats
  • you can publish updates and offers on your products immediately and directly
  • offer a new way of contacting users, especially the younger ones, who prefer social media to emails and over the phone
  • you can use your company page as a channel for customer support, thus relieving the burden of phone calls
  • you can take advantage of the "viral" effect to increase your reputation and gain new followers (potential customers)

What can we do for you

Our team is used to working on the main social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and we can advise you which ones are best suited to your business.

  • analysis and choice of social networks to be used
  • creation of profiles and company pages
  • definition of objectives and implementation of the editorial plan
  • planning and execution of advertising campaigns
  • answers to questions from your followers and moderation of comments

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