Smart Life was founded in 2013 to offer its clients a reliable reference point in the world of Information and Communication Technology. Our mission is to bring innovation and quality into an environment all too often characterized by chance and amateur solutions. We also go the extra mile to offer the best tech solutions to businesses and people in order to accomodate their needs.

Today, information technology is no longer a subject for specialists or insiders, but a constant and pervasive presence in our everyday life. When it is effectively mastered and used, IT holds a great potential for economic development and welfare growth.

Smart Life's main areas of interest are the creation of websites and e-commerce portals, communication strategy and online marketing, social media management, apps for mobile devices, IT consulting and assistance, development of tailor-made softwares according to the client's specific  demands, engineering of management and control systems for energy efficiency and renewable energy production. For further details, please refer to our service page.